Wednesday 3 August 2016


The Hopkinsville Goblins made their first appearance in rural Kentucky in 1955 and have popped up all over the world ever since. They love people and like to play, but too much contact drains their powers. A close encounter with a backwoods musician led to the formation of a creative bond that has extended out to the writings contained here. These little guys are interstellar nomads that speak the universal language: music. The posts on this blog contain the wisdom gained from riding the pure thrill of sound. They highlight essential emissions, in no particular order, from great musicians past, present and future.

If it's fake it won't fly.

If you like the ideas shared on these pages you should get the first Hopkinsville Goblins album, Posts From Planet Earth. Seventeen tracks of all original intergalactic electro-acoustic punky funk-rock.

This album starts with direct messaging then travels into outer space via some close encounters here on Earth. When it returns we are down south but heading north, until at the we hit the floor with the robots and hacks doing The Imitation.

It was recorded in different basements, living rooms and garages around New Zealand by Alvis Impulsive channelling the Hopkinsville Goblins creative power. In other words they mowed messages in his lawn and told him when to get his guitar out. The result is the musical matrix you can now hear. Use it wisely and often until your subconscious is full. Remember: it’s no game.

We need you to move now.

Posts from Planet Earth

Find it on Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, DeezerGoogle Play and Bandcamp, or from any of the purveyors of fine sounds listed on this site.

Or try before you buy on Soundcloud or Youtube.

Words, music and production by Alvis Impulsive; (P) and (C) Banzona Music 2016

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